Ongoing local training and hikes

Where: South Africa

Starts: Ongoing

Ends: Ongoing

Duration: Custom

Places available: Individual/Group

Places remaining: Always open

Difficulty: Custom

One of the most often asked questions we receive at AFC is “how should I train for climbing at high altitude?”. Well, every mountain is different and require different skills and fitness levels. For instance, while Mt Kilimanjaro may be high in altitude, technical gear like ice boots, ice axes and safety ropes are not required. Mt Elbrus is about 200 meters lower than Mt Kilimanjaro, but it is entirely covered with snow and thus require technical equipment.

Since each individual has his or her own schedule, physical and mental abilities, goals, and determination, the answer to that question is not set in stone. But, in order to help our clients, we consult on an ongoing basis to come up with suggestions on how to prepare for the rigors of climbing various mountains. Our resident guide, Noel Hanna, is also a certified fitness coach and has assisted many of our clients with drafting a training program which is tailor made for trails and peaks around South Africa. We encourage our clients to keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to be as physically prepared as you can possibly be for any adventure you undertake.