National Women's Day - South Africa

       The petition read:

We, the women of South Africa, have come here today.

We African women know too well the effect this law upon our homes, our children.

We, who are not African women know how our sisters suffer. For to us, an insult to African women is an insult to all women.
* That homes will be broken up when women are arrested under pass laws.
* That women and young girls will be exposed to humiliation and degradation at the hands of pass-searching policemen.
* That women will lose their right to move freely from one place to another.

We, voters and voteless, call upon your government not to issue passes to African women.

We shall not resist until we have won for our children their fundamental rights of freedom, justice and security.

— Presented to Prime Minister J.G. Strijdom, 9 August 1956.
Source: Wikipedia